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Amazing Benefits Of Southern Country Living

Life is a little slower in the southern country. If you are looking for a break from the busy city life, you might want to consider visiting the Southern countryside. You will experience serenity and tranquility that you might never have imagined and a refreshing life that you can only dream of elsewhere.

There are research-based documented benefits of country living, which shows that one can benefit both mentally, physically, and psychologically. While some people can benefit from the city suburb living with comparable benefits, visiting the country side offers many more health benefits. If you appreciate the privacy, peace, and the open skies of the country, there are a lot of places you could visit. Here are the unique benefits of southern country living.

There is fresh and cleaner air for people who embrace southern country living. As you move farther from the cities, you begin experiencing fresher air. This can be attributed to less pollution and more abundance of grass and trees, which purifies the air. The southern country living also exposes you to cell-improving phytochemicals that plants, fungi, and microbes in the countryside release to the environment.

There is more pollution in densely populated areas because the green matter is less, and there is also the release of harmful particles and substances from factories, trucks, buses, and cars. The particles gradually get into the lungs, which can significantly increase the risk of respiratory illness and can also impair breathing. When you opt for the southern country living, you escape this polluted air and start enjoying cleaner air and protection from chronic illnesses such as asthma.

Southern country living is also known for less criminal activities. As compared to the prevalent crimes in the city, residents of the rural countryside are less likely to fall victim to crime. There is a high prevalence of crimes in urban areas such as aggravated assault, robbery with violence, and theft.

There are more people in the city than in rural areas, and that means the probability of a crime occurring in rural areas are significantly lower. The police officers per capita are also higher in rural areas than in the cites, which implies more security. While crime can be witnessed anywhere, including the countrysides but statistics will tell you that you and your family are safer in the rural sides.

If you are looking for improved psychological health, you should also consider southern country living. There is over-stimulation in the urban areas, which can potentially harm some parts of the brain, especially areas that control anxiety and emotion.

Mental and psychological experts believe that this is the reason why there are more mental health cases in cities than in rural areas. When you live in the countryside, there is less over-stimulation in your brain, which lowers the risk of mood and anxiety disorders. Therefore, if you are keen to enjoy optimal mental and psychological health, consider living in rural areas.

Southern country living is also cheaper than city living. People who live in rural areas pay less for almost all the goods and services that they need compared to the city dwellers.

3 Tips from Someone With Experience

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Updated: November 10, 2019 — 5:26 pm
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