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Bible Guide on Nutritional Food

The Bible is mainly considered as the inspired word from God it has clear guidelines regarding healthy foods to be used on a daily basis.

The bible has a clear guide in terms of achieving effective nutrition and fighting certain chronic diseases as well as reducing over weight, it focuses more on use of natural foods and vegetables.

The bible is mainly a collection of sixty six different books that were inspired by God, it contains stories on how the world was created in the beginning to the creation of humans as well as the instructions given to man on what kind of food they should consume in order to live a longer and healthy life.

Before God created the humanity had had in mind what he will eat. The bible in its first book-Genesis he shows us how he created the vegetation that covers the earth.

Adam and Eve was given instruction to at from the herbs an tree yielding seed. The creation mainly spoke of food like vegetables, fruits which God knew its greater benefit to his creation.

The bible diet has a proper guide that mainly looks at the original nature of food that are meant to be consumed by humans as a whole.

Research indicates that bible diet has a number of key benefits such as increase alertness, strengthening muscles, fights various diseases and enhance motivation to face the day, the bible diet is also said to be key in fighting cancer as well as reducing aging process.

The bible states that body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and a gift from the almighty God, and therefore a great need to take care of this body through ensuring proper diet and in the long run have a long life .

The bible diet also focuses on the drink that humans consume other than the food we take, the bible diet specifically emphasizes on the fact that whatever we eat or drink should bring glory to the creator.

The Bible doesn’t have a nutritional advice directly. It does not have a detailed description of what we should consume in terms of proteins, fat, and carbohydrates.

His fast was partial because he only took a few food items. He was not to take bread that had yeast or even baking powered. The fasting was a way of keeping the body away from harmful foods.

He knew this and that’s why he created the trees and the herbs so that we can feed on. Research has over time linked so many diseases with unhealthy eating, like eating junk food that causes obesity.
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