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Breaking Down All You Need to Know About Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Many people have dog allergies. This is such a letdown especially for dog lovers who want to own a dog. However, there are various hypoallergenic dog breeds which are available for people in case you have itching and sneezing allergies with your dog.

Hypoallergenic dogs offer the best solution for home owners with dog allergies. The dog breeds have a special non-shedding coats. Additionally, it reduces the amount of fur and dander shed. This form parts of the invisible particles formed from the dead skin cells which lead to allergies. In case you have a family member with high dog allergies, I highly recommend the hypoallergenic dog breeds.

How Can I Adopt to a Hypoallergenic Dog?

There are a range of different dog breeds which fall under the hypoallergenic bracket. In case you are looking forward to adopt a hypoallergenic dog, you should carry out an in-depth research first.
This is because many shelters around which offer homes to mixed breed dogs. Therefore, finding a particular pure breed can be challenging. Even though taking home a mixed breed can be a viable option, it bears consequences on members with allergies.

The mixed breeds can bear unpredictable physical characteristics. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine whether the dog breed can be hypoallergenic or not. It is therefore recommended for find a rescue shelter with different variety of dog breeds.

Example of Top HypoAllergenic Dog Breeds for Your Home

Chinese Crested: It is an energetic and active dog fit for humans. They are tagged the Velcro dogs due to their maintenance of their physical contact with their owners. Due to the close likeness to humans, the dog breed are also highly trainable.

They have a hairless body while producing less dander and allergens. They are not a rare breed and can be easily adopted through the various rescue shelters near you.

Irish Water Spaniel: In case you suffer from dog allergies and are in search of an active and medium sized dog breed, then the Irish Spaniel is the perfect fit. It does not shed any fur and it is fitted with a water resistant coat.

The dog breed are bred from Ireland specifically for retrieving items from water. The dogs are additionally non-incessant barkers. Hence, they are the perfect choice for you home if you cannot tolerate high noises.

Bedington Terrier: From a distant, the Bedington Terrier can be mistaken for a sheep in a heap of green pasture. The dog breed has an affection but calm nature which makes it the perfect partner for your child.

It also has a non-shedding feature backed with a thick double coat for keeping the allergens at bay. However, you will have to regularly groom the hypoallergenic costs to avoid it from tangling and matting.

Kerry Blue Terrier: The Kerry Blue Terrier completes my list of top hypoallergenic dog breeds. The dog breed are highly intelligent and also very friendly. However, it is not the best fit to be paired with your child due to their tampers when provoked.

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