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The Benefits of Using Spray Foam Insulation

The world has gone green and every person must strive to reduce the carbon print on an individual level. As we all know the fossil energy is not a renewable form of energy yet most homes rely on this energy to carry out various operations in their residential homes. This include powering of electrical appliances, heating and cooling of the residential temperatures. During extreme weather conditions, the home occupants are forced to use HVAC equipment to warm or cool the internal temperatures. It is a well-known fact that the HVAC equipment utilize the greatest share of the home energy and costs. In this dispensation of global warming, residential homeowners and residents must devise a way of reducing their energy consumption rate. This can be done by using renewable energy sources such as solar. Importantly, this can also be achieved using spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation is an advanced method of home insulation. A special fiber glass material is used to insulate the home walls from top to bottom. This material is superior to what has been in the market formally. This is because it is more effective in sealing wall cavities and spaces. In addition, the insulation, prevents air and moisture infiltration. This means that hot and cold air is barred from entering the house. This makes it much easier to maintain the right room temperatures. When the room temperatures are stable the HVAC equipment is not overworked and hence its lifespan is extended.

Further this type of insulation also prevents moisture from penetrating into the interior of the house. Hence, the house will not develop mold and mildew issues. The prevention of moisture infiltration also serves to preserve the integrity of the home structure. This clearly is a highly effective way of lowering energy costs, and making the home more functional. This latest insulation technology is capable of saving the home occupants up to thirty percent of their energy costs. It also promotes good health by preventing respiratory diseases. Cold air and mold is known to affect people’s respiratory health. This promotes disease such as asthma, bronchitis and persistent coughs and colds. Spray foam insulation prevents all these problems.

Spray foam insulation also makes the home more functional and safe. Other than barring air and moisture infiltration the insulation equally prevents noise insulation. Noise pollution is a nuisance as well as a health hazard. Exposure to noise pollution may affect the hearing ability of a person both in children and adults. Further, the noise pollution can also prevent a person from having a good night’s sleep thus increasing the health complications. The wall padding therefore prohibits external noise pollution and promotes human health. Insulation prevents noise penetration making each of the home rooms to be more functional. It reduces the noise penetration from external and internal sources. The home residence do not have to suffer in silence from air craft, motor vehicle, equipment and human noise pollutions. Internally, the insulation reduces the noise that is transmitted from one room to another.

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