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The Main Benefits of Reading Short Stories

You have many reasons for reading short stories. First of all, they are short and that in itself is a great thing. That means they are fast pace and concise in their form. Also, it is possible these days to put the story in a digital form and that changes the perspective. These days it is possible to read a whole book from electronics and get the feeling that you have read something great. That makes the whole idea of short stories get a different turn altogether. They are also interesting to read.

One o tee most important reasons you should read the short stories s that you are certain to finish the entire piece of writing. That removes the notion that many people have, that is they do not have enough time to read everything they need to read. Actually the main reason they will not finish reading has nothing to do with the time they have. It can be said that they all have an excuse not to read the book. The same people who do not have time can watch YouTube for hours. The beauty of a short story is that you can read it in the next 15 minutes. It gives all the reasons o find the time and read it.

The other benefit of reading short stories lies in the pleasure of finishing a story. It is usually discoursing to know that you started reading a book bit you did not finish. However when u finish reading a story whether it is in a novel or any form of writing you need up with a very wonderful feeling. At least you know how the story ended. Reading short stories gives you an opportunity to accomplish a task step by step which is in line with life goals. The other beauty is the ability to visit exciting worlds with many characters that you want t meet. That gives the desire to read more and more.

Also reading short stories gives the incentive to reach for the next piece to read. When you read one book for long you lose the appetite of reaching for another book. However, with short stories, you are able o finish one and reach for another almost immediately. You are also not willing o leave something halfway done. As soon as you finish one part you also want to begin the next one immediately and that encourages you to read as many as possible.

Also reading short stories encourages you to try other authors. After finishing what you have been reading you still have a reason to fetch for more. At the same time, the short stories are short and to the point. They will not leave you before you get to know the outcome f the story. They are a great way to read between different novels. Short stories also have read every day. Every time you have a minute or two to spare you want op reach out a short st6ory for the day. That also creates a very effective use of your precious time.

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