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Signs to Show the Pipes of Your Home Are Leaking

A plumber offers numerous inspection services and plumbing systems inclusive of determining leaks and fixing them. Look out for the following signs of leaks in your home.

If you take time to check the painted wall or wallpaper on your wall, you will notice if the pipes are leaking. The leaks make the wallpaper to discolor and warp. The painted wall will have signs like warping, peeling, discoloration, cracks, and blistering.

A musty odor that cannot leave the house then after you open the ventilation may be a sign that the pipes are leaking. The expert will help to find out the source of the smell in the house by checking if there are leaks on the pipes.

Look at the fuse boxes appliances and pipes to determine if there is rust. Find a plumber to repair the pipes if you notice rust. The rust will make the water from the pipes brown. Water that has rust will cause skin infections when you bath in it, discolor your clothes when you wash with it and contaminate the food when if you use it for cooking.

Determine if the ceiling has stains. Leaks from an internal pipe that passes through the ceiling causing the stains. Spot copper, brown or dark stains and call the plumber to seal the leaks immediately to avoid more damages to the ceiling. The ceiling will sag after a while because water leakages destroy the beams hence making them not strong enough to hold the ceiling firmly. Protect your property from getting destroyed and yourself from being injured by a falling ceiling by repairing the sagging ceiling too immediately.

Your water bills will quickly shoot when you have leaking pipes. Record how much you spend every month on water bills and find out if there is a sudden increase in water bills. Many things increase water bills in a home but if you cannot find a convincing reason you need a plumber to check the pipes The pipes outside your house are highly likely to break or crack because of many factors like ice, people, pets and more hence they should be checked to assure you that they are not leaking.

Leaking pipes destroy the floor. Cracks, buckles, or stains on the floor is a sign that water is leaking somewhere. Check the floor further for loose tiles, spongy or soft flooring and wet spots. When the leaks are being repaired, you should also replace the floor.

If the water meter runs after you turn off inlet places in the house such as steps the pipes may be leaking. The plumber will determine if there are leaks or maybe someone is tapping water from your pipe illegally.
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