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Why Learn About the Prophecies in Genesis?

If you read the bible, then the first book, Genesis, is probably not the book you will turn to when you want to learn about God’s prophecies. You will turn to the books of prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, and so on. But there are actually a lot of prophecies made in Genesis as well, though it might not be as easy to find as in some other books. And as it is important to learn and understand the whole bible, you should also learn about the prophecies found in Genesis. There are many benefits if you do.
Here, we are going to talk about why you should learn about these prophecies in this book, and why it can benefit you greatly. So, without further ado, let us get to the benefits which will answer why?

1. Learning about the prophecies in Genesis will allow you to understand the bible even more. Of course, you can never fully understand the bible if you read some books and omit the others from your reading. No, you need to make sure that you read everything so that you know everything it has to say. And the same is true with learning about all the prophecies that God made in the first book of the bible. This will give you a better understanding of God and His Word. And this is why this is such a great benefit because understanding God and His Word is the most important thing that you should learn and study.

2. Learning about the prophecies in Genesis will strengthen your faith in God. Almost all of the prophecies made in Genesis were directed to the birth of Jesus Christ. That time when God will send His Son to the world to die for sinners. And as you continue on reading the bible, you will see that those prophecies did indeed come true when Jesus arrived on earth. And this will really strengthen your faith because you know that God is faithful and he will give what he promises to give. This will allow you to trust and have faith in God’s other promises found all over the bible. So this can be used to nourish and strengthen your faith in Him.

3. Learning about the prophecies in Genesis will encourage you to pray even more. Prayer is a wonderful gift from God. However, how often do we ignore this gift? But when you read about the prophecies in Genesis and see all the promises He makes there, then that will really encourage you to bow down your head and pray to God. There are also a lot of faithful men in Genesis that prayed frequently, which will encourage you even more to do the same.

So just because Genesis is part of the Old Testament does not mean it is no longer relevant. In fact, it is very, very relevant today. So if you want to receive these great benefits, then you read Genesis and learn about the prophecies made there.

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