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Important Factors You Need to Consider Before You Purchase a CNC Machine

CNC is an acronym of ‘computer numerical control’. CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process which typically employs computerized controls and machine tools to remove layers of material from a stock piece and produces a parts that are customized. CNC machines are normally fitted with microcomputers. The most common mechanical CNC machining operations includes CNC Drilling, CNC milling and CNC turning. When you compare the capabilities of automated CNC machine to the manual alternative like lathes and other machining techniques, you will note that CNC are more advantageous. CNC machines simply run faster in operation. CNC machines also have higher precision and accuracy while simultaneously allowing the transformation of a digital design into a physical part.

There are various factors that should come in your mind before you embark on buying a CNC machine. The first thing to consider is the space in your factory. CNC machine are usually very large in size. They therefore, requires ample area for set up. In addition, CNC machines need raw material. The material also will require spacious area for storage. Most CNC machines are very heavy. It is therefore important to consider the load baring capacity of your factory’s workshop. It will be a terrible mistake, for example, to set up a heavy performing machine on the third floor of a building.

Another aspect to consider is the cost of the CNC machine. CNC machines are usually very expensive to purchase and maintain. For new entrepreneur, if the price of the CNC machine is below your budget, it is recommendable for go for a second hand machine. If you have to take the machine on loan, ensure that first you have enough cash flow to service the loans in the shortest time possible.

Another aspect to consider is the after sale service. Ask yourself whether, if the machine breaks and your technicians can not fix it, you can get instant help from the manufacturer or the dealer. It advisable to go for a manufacture who is within your locality. A good machine dealer is the one who can easily fly to your workshop in case your machine has a problem.

Another factor the power requirement of the CNC machine. Every machine require different amount of electricity. CNC machines have different voltages capacity such as 500V, 600 V, 700v etc. It is therefore to first consider whether the power supply that you have, can meet the requirements of the CNC machine.

It is important to be considerate on where you want to buy you CNC machine from. There are very many manufacture of CNC machines such as Proficient Machining Company. It is therefore important to note that different manufactures, produces machines that are different from one another. Each brand of the machine has distinct characteristic. It is there crucial to first familiarize yourself with all these brand. Buying your machine from reputable firms such as Proficient Machining Company is of great importance because you are guaranteed on the quality of your machine.

Finally, be considerate when selecting the CNC controller. There are many CNC controller in the market. When choosing a CNC controller, it is important to go for CNC controller that you can operate with ease. Since different types of controller operate differently, it is important to select the one which you are familiar with, in order to save on time. It is also wise to get recommendation from your CNC machine manufacture on the best CNC controller to use. Choose a CNC brand that is widely known and which operates all over the world.

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