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Why You Should Embrace Positivity and have Faith for the Sake of Your Heart and Soul Wellbeing

In order to lead a joyful life, you must embrace everything that comes across with a lot of positivity. However, difficult your life might seem; there is ways hope of something good to come, especially to those who persevere. Many people do not love the idea of perseverance given the fact that they are left in a devastated state, and yet on their state, there doesn’t seem to be any sure way out. During the hard moments’ desperation gives in to temptation, and if it was a Christian of food societal standing, if they do not realize early enough, they end up committing a sin so vile that by the time they come to terms with their actions, the act is already done. This is a clear indication that indeed, perseverance is not for the faint-hearted individuals. It requires total acceptance and surrenders to all the pressure, and the best that one can do is to be vigilant in prayers.

What is more disheartening is the fact that in most cases, those who suffer in society are those who seem to be solidly grounded in church, and they are people of good morals. Irrespective of their clean societal record, they are faced with a lot of challenges which no one can fathom. Ironically, whilst an upright man is suffering on one end, the wicked individuals or rather a man who is morally decayed tends to get away with all the bad issues that they are involved in. How cruel can life be. Surely if both of these people are hardworking, why would the good people suffer at the expense of the wicked in society?

The simple answer would be that God is all-knowing and has a purpose for your life. It is that same God who gifts every person in different ways, and you are no exception. At his own appointed time, the Lord shall intervene in each of the scenarios. The wicked are always bound to be destroyed as the righteous are rewarded with eternal life; what better reward would you want from God? Besides, Jesus Christ had no iota of sin, but he had to take up all the sins of this wicked world and died on behalf of everyone. Job was a rich and faithful man and yet in a single day he lost everything he owned, he lost his children, his friends turned against him, and even his own wife asked him to curse God and die in peace. The truth is that a job persevered, and after all the suffering and ridicule, his original status was restored.

Both cases above are a good indicator that perseverance is very important if you wish to be successful. Faith in God is very important because it strengths the heart withstand every evil force that might be pushing to the wall. A faithful heart and joyful spirit are very core in our lives. This means that it is important to maintain a relaxed state of mind. There a lot of publications on internet websites where you can always get spiritual nourishment any time you feel low in spirit.

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