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Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Teak Wood

Wood furniture is very popular and is mostly used in residential houses and even in commercial spaces. There are different kinds of wood such as teak, cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, hickory, walnut, ash and many more. One of the best types of wood that is used in making furniture is teak wood. There are many reasons why teal wood is used in making different kinds of furniture. Teak wood is durable and it is used to make outdoor furniture. Teak wood has been used to make decks, ships, benches, furniture and many more. This type of wood is very popular and has been used for years now.

Below are the benefits of using teak wood furniture:

A. Teak wood is durable
One of the main benefits of teak wood is that it is very durable. This type of wood can last for years and can withstand different kinds of climate. It does not need regular maintenance. Its oil and rubber content is very high and this is why pests cannot penetrate it and it can stand different weather. It does not rot easily.

B. Teak wood does not need regular maintenance
Teak wood does not need regular maintenance. This can last for years even without treatments. Teak wood has golden color then as time goes by it fades and becomes grayish silver patina. When it is exposed to direct sunlight all the time it changes to patina. You can occasionally wash it with soap using a soft brush to remove the dirt, stains, and moss. Even if it has been there for years you can easily restore it to its golden color. There are products that you can use to enhance their color.

C. Teak wood can adapt to different temperatures
Another benefit of using teak wood is that it can adapt to different temperatures. It will be warm when the weather is cold and it can be cool when the weather is hot.

D. Teak wood can be sustained
Teak wood is environmentally friendly and renewable. Teak trees are always planted in order for teak wood to be produced for years.

E. The quality of teak wood
Another reason why teak wood is used because of its quality. Teak wood has different grade levels since they are not equally made. The highest level contains a huge amount of oil. The more oil that is inside the wood the more it can stand different outdoor elements. You need to choose teak wood with the highest grade level. Teak wood is really pleasing to the eyes.

Teak wood has been used to make decks, ships, benches, furniture and many more. This type of wood is very popular and has been used for years now.

There are a lot of companies that sell teak wood furniture. Global Shipwrights create furniture made of teak wood. They have a website where you can know more about the company and the products that they offer. They have been providing their services for years now.

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