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Materials Commonly Used In Medical Design Packaging

Over the years, medical services have given human life a boost, and especially when it comes to dealing with diseases. The human body is prone to various kinds of illnesses. With advancements in technology, most illnesses can now be treated so long as one gets the right medication. Medical device packaging is therefore critical in the medical field.

Medical devices come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the use, they will be made of various materials. Some may even have electronic components that are usually very sensitive. To ensure safety, it is a standard procedure to transport medical devices in special containers or boxes, which can withstand shocks and vibrations that can end up damaging the devices. The containers should also provide a stable environment that does not promote rusting or even growth of molds that may cause the release of toxic substances. Some of the common packaging mediums include bags, trays, pouches and even overwraps. Depending on the device to be carried, the materials used may be rigid or flexible.

Paper is a very common material for making medical device packages. Paper is made of cellulose from tree barks. This makes paper not only affordable but readily available. The fibers of tress can easily be molded into various shapes making a paper a very flexible material when it comes to design and use. Paper, however, has some drawbacks, and especially when it comes to sterility. When exposed to humid conditions, the growth of molds is inevitable and this can compromise the sterility of medical gadgets. To solve this scientist came up with an ingenious way of adding a polymer such as latex during the papermaking process to insulate the paper and discourage the growth of microbes.

Aluminum is also a very popular material for making medical packages. The material is not only light as compared to other metals but has a very special property of being rustproof. In terms of use, metals is highly malleable and can be twisted and curved into various shapes and sizes. The metal is popularly used in making boxes for carrying medical kits and even in making medical devices such as rust-proof surgical tools.

Plastic is a material of immense use in the medical packaging field. Plastic comes in various forms based on the fusion of the polymers. Some common choices include LLDPE, PP HIPS and even PET. Properties that make plastic ideal for packaging include flexibility, availability and even cost. With the right chemical composition, plastic can be made fireproof and even extra hard. Other materials used include adhesives and coatings, inks, and even various kinds of metal alloys. When it comes to medical packaging, the primary choice of a material depends on various factors such as safety of the device, availability of the packaging medium, sterility of the medium and cost of the medium. Thanks to technology, the materials used are evolving by the day making the packaging of medical devices a very easy task so long as the manufacturer gets the choice of materials right

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Updated: November 13, 2019 — 4:59 pm
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