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Improving Comfort in Your Home By Applying Zoning Systems

If you wish to fully understand the duct system of your HVAC, then the best way you could do this is by considering it as the control center of your home’s comfort level. For sure, without having insulation and good windows, your HVAC equipment could be compromised. But in general, the system is behind of everything. Simply speaking, it is involving three different types of operations.

Number 1. Return Air or bringing the air back into the system to condition it

Number 2. Air handling which is the introduction of cooling or heat and;

Number 3. Air supply or also known as the delivery of the finished product

Right there and then, you can easily spot several areas where the process could fail. The idea here is, keeping every area to work flawlessly. In older systems, the air handler or furnace was the area where the filtering is taking place. However, studies have proven that this is an inferior method. At this point in time, HVAC experts are well aware that problems typically rise in the distribution of air or unequal flow of air to rooms in the house.

The problem in the distribution has been fixed already by technicians by means of assessing the design of the duct systems. If you notice that a certain room in the house to be cooler or hotter than the rest, then it is most likely that the duct system has poor design. The solution here might be the introduction of zoning system. This system can adjust the decrease and increase of circulation to specific part of your house. Poor installation is typically the root cause but it will certainly be in your best bet to fix with improved zoning.

Technicians might be suggesting as well to tighten up your home’s insulation. For some obvious reason, this particular method can help in solving problems that might be the result of poorly distributed air. New techniques for insulation are proven to be effective, eliminating waste as well as carelessness of the earlier times. When the prices of energy were affordable, the attention focused to said details was scant. On the other hand, anyone who is dealing with the rising energy bills are well aware that it is something that should not be taken lightly.

Say for example that you have tried a zoning system before and it has not done anything in improving the air control in your home, then that is the time when you should start inspecting the HVAC itself. A simple piece of advice is to go close to the machine and listen and observe. If you are hearing a strain that’s coming from the equipment, then that could be a sign. Whether it is grinding feeling or popping noise, an overworked system has a tendency to let homeowners know that it’s in need of maintenance. Needless to say, you might not notice it immediately and could be lulled to think that the duct system of your HVAC is just fine. The real sign that you have a worn-down system is after seeing the electrical bill. If there’s a spike in the cost, then this should give you a hint that you should start taking action.

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Updated: November 10, 2019 — 8:02 pm
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