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Hiring an Aerial Photographer

Aerial photography also referred to as the airborne imagery can be defined as the art of taking photos from an aircraft or from flying objects. This method of photography collects photographs when it is high up in the sky. The platforms that are mainly used in photography may include the fixed-wing aircraft, the helicopters, and the balloons among other strategies. The mounted cameras are triggered remotely and sometimes automatically, others are handheld whereby the photographer takes the shots. This method is mainly used when taking the maps of a particular area. It is also used to collect the population of a given area based on the households that are collected using the camera. You can also choose an aerial photographer to take pictures of your property, for instance, the real estate.
When you are choosing the aerial photographer, there are several things that you should have in mind to ensure that the services that you are getting are of good quality. Choosing the photographer can sometimes be overwhelming, however, the results will put a smile on your face. One of the factors that you should consider checking is the portfolio. This shows the information about the photographer that you are about to hire. You can get the portfolio on the website of the company and hence this should guide you on whom to choose. The portfolio can also consist of some of the photos that the photographer has taken and from that, you can decide whether to choose him or not. You can select more than one aerial photographer and from them, you can decide whom you want based on the quality of work that he or she delivers.

You must also check whether the aerial photographer is in the professional associations. Most of the photographers who are great belong to the professional photographers association. This means that they are reputable and also good at what they do. The association tends to update on their best photographers and hence you might find out the best person to deliver your service.
You must also ask whether the photographer will be using a plane or a helicopter. This will determine the amount of money that you are going to pay for the photographs. The fixed-wing aircraft tend to offer cheaper services per hour. A fixed-wing will also offer almost the same results as that of a helicopter. However, once you decide to use a helicopter, your charges may rise up. This is because, for a helicopter, it has the capability to go on a lower attitude having different lenses with the professional cameras.
You must also be aware of whether the photograph copyrights will be given to you once you pay for the service. This is a very essential factor. In this case, you must ensure that all the copyrights are handed over to you once the task is done. However, there are some aerial photographers who will charge you an extra fee for the copyrights. This is still okay as long as you own the copyrights. Make sure that you negotiate for the charges before you settle for the price.

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