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The Benefits of Purchasing Clean Macroalgae for Your Refugium

Growing macroalgae species that we love can generally become a challenge. The additional responsibility of containing the most hated pests species is not wanted by anyone. This is because it can be a time consuming and costly ordeal. Therefore, the easiest way of dealing with these pests is by preventing them from entering the refugium in the first place. However, this is not always easy because some of the pests are very tough and sneaky. Normally, they join along in shipments of charming aquarium livestock. Harboring of these organisms is well suitable through microalgae. Transferring of aquarium pests by giving them a comfortable environment during shipment is enabled through both cultured and wild microalgae.

However, microalgae should not be avoided due to the fear of these pest species. This is because there are many benefits of microalgae in a refugium. The risk of moving a pest species into an aquarium can be reduced by buying clean microalgae. However, although some dealers will do anything to ensure that all these unwanted organisms are eliminated, you cannot be sure whether the microalgae are completely pure. The reason for this is that some of the fragments, eggs, and spores can still slip through the toughest quarantine process. Therefore before adding any new macroalgae to an aquarium, they should be thoroughly inspected.

It is important, however, to ensure that macroalgae are properly cleaned, safely treated, and thoroughly inspected before purchasing from a dealer. The reason this is important is that cleaned macroalgae are the only safest option for the overall biosecurity. The most common known carriers of pests are sea lettuce and spaghetti algae, and so you need to make an excellent choice when buying. For the sake of having healthy fish, it is essential to put clean macroalgae in your aquarium. They will assist in removing unnecessary nutrients from the water.

A refugium with clean macroalgae also helps in the absorption of the nutrients that other kinds of unwanted algae use to grow, therefore helping in controlling them from easily blooming. Having clean macroalgae in the aquarium also helps in the growth of small creatures which would not be possible when pests already invest them. These creatures are a great source of food to coral and fish in the aquarium. Additionally, cultivation of this seaweed is also very enjoyable and attractive. However, a new microalga can come with unwanted pests. Therefore, none of these pests should be allowed into the aquarium. This is only possible if you can buy them from a trusted dealer and to also use high-quality cleaning products.

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