MTV Multiplayer Wonders What A WiiJ Game Would Be Like..

Recently the folks over at MTV Multiplayer contacted me about the upcoming "DJ Hero" game that Activision is working on. I gave them my long winded opinion of the game and an example idea of what a game I would make.

 Heres MTV's brief article on it:

As more details on Activision Blizzard’s “DJ Hero” trickle out, people are beginning to respond to the “Guitar Hero” publisher’s new venture.

MTV Multiplayer reached out to Jimmy “DJ Wiij” Lesondak, who mashes music using a set of Wiimotes connected to a laptop, about his thoughts on “DJ Hero.”

We last wrote about Lesondak after stumbling upon one of his Wii-mashed concerts in San Francisco earlier this year.

While Lesondak is reserving judgment until he can see the game for himself, he did outline what kind of game he would make, if he were in charge of “DJ Hero.” His version would make use of his existing Wiij setup, negating a new peripheral.

“In my game it would be a little more mixing DJ than scratching DJ, though you could scratch in it. You would play the roll of a start up dj that works his way through playing gigs and buying records. At the gigs they would have a mixing console with 2 decks. Part of the game is getting things to beatmatch right, mixing at the best times, adding effects at the best spots, etc. The score would be kept by the AI crowd. You would have to judge how the crowd was reacting to the type of music you were playing and pick your music accordingly from there.”


And here is a little more from the email I sent him...


.... Personally i wish they could get a DJ game right (not that it really needs to be a game, beatmatching is a game within itself that you can do with out a game console) but i have a feeling this one wont be that way.

Rock band makes sense, everyone is playing an instrument at all times because thats how to make a song. But DJ hero seems like it focuses more on the scratching, which rarely is the main part of a song anyway. Its always something you barely hear every now and then during a song. It did also mention something about doing mashups, so i'm wondering if there is some type of mixing between two songs going on... i really need to see the controller, i've only read about it so far.

 (The controller is) 3 buttons, a platter, a crossfader and a dial... hmmm... hmmm... sounds pretty limited to me.

(Kotaku article states gameplay)  Instead of flowing the musical notes down a guitar neck, DJ Hero will flow the music down and around a virtual record in a half arc. Either left top to middle bottom if you are left handed, or right top to middle bottom if you are right handed.

(my reaction) This is really what made me give an awkward look... the dj will flow the music down and around?? So there will be notes or something flying at you or moving and you move the record back and forth in time? This is called DJING??? 

I'm sorry... but this is going to be RETARDED! Unless the way they worded it just didn't make it sound like it was going to be fun, i'm going to have to try it myself because it just sounds like they tried to fit a formula into something that should have its OWN formula.

It will suck in the mainstream people i'm sure, but its just sad when a game publisher has to appeal to that audience and that one only. I think there is a better way they should have went about making a DJ game, especially since they are in this music game war right now, but instead its like they just took the GH formula and adapted it for another peripheral. (which i'll admit, the controller will be alot of fun to plug into my pc and use as a MIDI controller, provided it doesn't feel like a playschool toy or some crap.)

I think they should have made a game based more on DJing and the formula. They could have thought out of the box on how to keep score, they could have implemented beatmatching and mixing and, as well as still doing the scratch thing they are doing. Its just another rhythm game in a new shell. And for me rhythm games get old rather soon. I do have fun with them, as i'll probably have fun with this one for the first 10 songs but it will grow old quickly.