The WiiFX
The WiiMixer (Right Click, Save As...) - Contains .PIE file, a MIDI .TKS file and a KEYMAPPING .TKS file (JPG Layout Coming Soon). 


The WiiFX Layout is one of the most recent layouts, as well as one of the most complex. The complexity is in the controls (as there are alot of them packed in to the 2 Wiimotes) and in the setup, since it uses a combination of MIDI and Keymapping. This layout has evolved over the past year from live setups I (DJ WiiJ) would use at gigs. It was a layout that kept building upon itself until now, when I've decided to release it. If you are new to WiiJing then I would highly suggest to try this layout once you've gotten the hang of other simpler ones.

Some of the more prominent features are: twisting the controller to create a backspin, using the wiimote to scroll through cue points manually (great feature!), scrolling through playlist and selecting songs, rolling wiimote to crossfade, flicking for quick fader movement and much more. 

This layout may take some time to get used to (and to remember what every button does) but it is one of the best so far. It allows you to be totally detached from your laptop (not having to use the mouse much at all) and provides great control functionality overall!

 Tips & Information on this layout:

FIRST THING's FIRST: Getting this layout loaded up will be a little tricky. The thing is, you have to load up the MIDI tks file AND the KEYMAPPING tks file. When you load up the TKS files, you should select the Keymapping tab and load up the TKS file that ends with Key. Then select the MIDI tab and load up the TKS file that ends with MIDI. And make sure you have installed and armed MIDIYOKE. Make sure you have midiyoke channels 1 and 2 set to recieve in Traktor. If you dont do this then you might not get the backspinning/manual cueing stuff working. If everything else works besides the backspin/manual cueing, then you have a problem with MIDI somewhere in your setup. 

This layout will be familiar in the fact that it shares alot with the WiiMixer layout, though there is enough changed about it that a few things should be noted.

Any button  or motion that has 1 or 2 following it means that you need to press Wiimote1 or Wiimote2's button as well. This is noted for controls that use both wiimotes (i.e. holding B2+B1 = Wiimote2 Button B + Wiimote1 Button B)

You will notice that with the FX Knob twisting controls, the controls aren't exactly real time. They work and work well, but for some reason Traktor doesn't interpret the MIDI knobs/fader controls all that well when it comes to this. It seems to be TOO sensitive to the controls and just doesn't work. Oddly enough, using the same commands with Ableton work PERFECT, meaning that it is possible to control knobs in real time very nicely.... if only this was the case with Traktor. Until there is a solution to this, you'll just have to use these knob controls.

FX Knobs: Holding A2 and Left1, Right1, Up1, Down1 and Twisting wiimote1, all control the 4 FX knobs .

Crossfader: Holding Home and twisting wiimote 1 moves the crossfader. Left/Right on Wiimote2 also move the crossfader, but just slightly on each press. Holding Left/Right on Wiimote2 and flicking Wiimote1 will quickly cut the crossfader to middle and far side (i.e. if the fader is far left, and you hold right2/flick1 then the fader will jump to the middle, do it again and the fader is now on the far right)

Bass Cuts: Holding B2 and flicking Wiimote1 will cut the bass on the focused track. Holding B2 and B1 will cut both basses... a trick with this is to cut 1 bass, fade in so both tracks are blended, then do the double bass cut... this will switch the main the bassline (since 1 bass was already cut, when you do the double cut it actually turns the bass that was cut on, and turns the playing bass off). 

Backspin: Holding A1 and Right2, while twisting Wiimote2 will backspin (or forward spin) the focused track, you can use this to fast forward through a song while cued up as well.

Manually Cueing: Now you can easily cue up to the first beat (or anywhere you please) in a track by manually cueing it. This is great for when you load a song and Traktor doesn't lock on to the first beat or where you would like to start playing. Simply hold A1 and Left2, then twist Wiimote2 to slowly move the cue point forward and back. If you have snapping on then this will move nicely from beat to beat, if you have vinyl on then you can move anywhere you please. It is also possible to set the main cue by hitting Wiimote1's 2 button, this can be set anytime (even while a song is playing).

Track Selection: Selecting Tracks became much easier now with the browser controls. Wiimote2's 1 & 2 buttons will scroll up and down the active playlist/collection, pressing B2 and Wiimote2's 2 button will load up the selected song in the focused deck. 

Key Knob:  In the latest version of Traktor there is a new Key knob that can transpose songs quite nicely. Fun to play with :) By holding A on Wiimote 1 and B on Wiimote 2, then twisting Wiimote 1 you can move the key's knob up or down. Holding both A buttons and flicking Wiimote 1 will reset the knob to zero.

Wiimote 2 (left hand)

Home + B - Stop
Home - Loop
B + Flick1 - Low Eq Kill
1 - Scroll Up Browser
2 - Scroll Down Browser
+ - Foreward Loop
- - Backward Loop
Up - Vol. Up 

Down - Vol. Down
Right - Xfade Right
Left - Xfade Left
B2+ B1- Low Eq Kill(bothdecks)
Left (or Right) + Flick1 - Quick Crossfade Cut
B+2 - Load Selected Track

A2+ Up1 + Twist1 - FX Knob1
A2+ Right1 + Twist1 - FX Knob2
A2+ Down1 + Twist1 - FX Knob3
A2+ Left1 + Twist1 - FX Knob4



Wiimote 1 (right hand)

Home + Twist1 - Crossfader
A1+B2+Twist1 - Twist Key Knob For Focus
A1+A2 - Reset Key Knob to 0
B + Flick1 - Play/Cue
1 - Sync
2 - Insert Cue Point
+ - Switch Focus Right (CueAudio)
- - Switch Focus Left (CueAudio)

Up - Pitch % Up
Down - Pitch % Down
Left - Pitch Bend Down
Right - Pitch Bend Up

A1+Left2+Twist2 - Fwd/Bwd Cueing
A1+Right2+Twist2 - Backspin/FFwdFrwd
A1+B2+Twist1 - KeyPitch Up/Down
A1+A2+Flick1 - KeyPitch Reset





// This script is a combination of MIDI & Keystrokes - it features multiple
// advanced controls and functions. Feel free to modify it to your liking.
// If you are having problems figuring out this script or how things work, you
// may want to start with an earlier layout to get used to things. This layout
// to this date has the most functionality and usage packed into 2 controllers
// without having to switch between groups of functions.

// FOR USE WITH:  DJWiiJ-WiiFXMIDI.TKS & DJWiiJ-WiiFXKEY.tks(Traktor Software)

// Please use the correct .TKS file in order for this script to work properly.
// You should be able to get this file from the same spot you got this script.
// Without the .TKS file for Traktor you will have to map out the controls in
// Traktor yourself. This layout does NOT have to be used with Traktor,
// but you will have to map out the controls yourself.

// You will also need to be running MIDI Yoke and have your MIDI Input Channels
// set to recieve channels 1 and 2 from MIDI Yoke.

// Right Handers:Put Wiimote1 in your Right hand and Wiimote2 in your Left hand
// Left Handers: Put Wiimote1 in your Left Hand and Wiimote2 in your Right Hand