Is Deckadance aiming to be the new Wiij

Is Deckadance aiming to be the new Wiij

OK WOW, this is awesome!!! The makers of Deckadance, a brand spankin' new DJ software, are adding WIIMOTE FUNCTIONALITY! Yes, according the man behind the coding, Arguru, you wont need Glovepie, you wont need MIDI Yoke, you'll only need Bluetooth and Deckadance!!!

Video and more information after the break..

This is obviously the software developers listening to the underground as Deckadance seems to be catering support to what people want in DJ software (which largely is customization). Not sure if our friend Arguru ran across DJ Wiij while working on Deckadance or not (I'm trying to get a hold of the guy), but it seems like some dreams may come true! This could be what launches Wiijing into the next stages!

Watch the video, awe at the effects and smoothness of things!!! I tried coding with MIDI and Deckadance but couldnt get the same results (though I did get some results and it definitely seems like it has its potential). Wiimote support is coming out in the 1.10 version so its just a matter of time!

Here are some quotes from Aruguru on the Deckadance forums:

Current wii remote controls:

- Seek: with deck stopped and rotating around z-axis. - Pitchbend nudge (holding B while rotatin' around z-axis) [like a motorbike throthle] - Pitchbend fast/slower (hodling B and -/+ buttons). - FX Dry/wet (holding A). - FX parameter change (holding A + rotatin / moving up/down the wII along X-axis). - up/down pad: fx type selection (holding A). - up/down pad: file selection (without holding A). - left/right pad: to open a file into deck a or b. - crossfader position: with -/+ buttons (without holding B). - deck focus selection (1/2 buttons). - deck play/pause (using 1/2 buttons within the same deck is focused). - Full led output (with deck selection and beat).

More controls/gestures to come in a future probably (if Nintendo does not sue our ass).

All of that (Glovepie, MidiYoke, etc) is not needed for Deckadance, as it access directly to the HID/Bluetooth system. GlovePie,MidiYoke and Bluesoleil are needed if you want Wii remote to work generically via midi with other apps or games, and all of this is painful to configure.
Within decka you only will need a bluetooth capable computer (or just buy a bluetooth dongle) and the wii remote thing. It's autodetected on the fly.