The Transport
The Transport  DJWiij-TheTransport (Right Click, Save As...) - Contains .PIE file, .TKS file and Layout JPG.
The Transport 1.0 stands alone. This setup is all about "Back To Basics". Nothing super tricky about it, infact, it wasn't really designed to mix with (though it can be done). Even though it uses Alt action buttons, we've left the Pro name out of it since for a 1 wiimote control surface Alt action should be standard.

The Transport can even be called the "lazy Wiij's setup" as it would be possible to sit at the bar with a playlist set up and control the fades and even the mixes while sipping on a beer from the bar. You only need one wiimote to control it all. Just dont walk too far from the bar as you might disconnect your Bluetooth connection and have to re-sync it all (until someone figures out to how to get pairing to work).

Also, the crossfader is active regardless of whether or not the Alt action button is being pressed. This way you can mix while using or not using Alt action controls.

The Transport

A - EQ Low Kill
1 - Focus Deck A
2 - Focus Deck B
Up - Track Vol. Up
Down - Track Vol. Down
Right - Xfade Right
Left - Xfade Left

Home - Stop
A - Loop
B - Low Eq Kill
1 - Load Prev Track
2 - Load Next Track
+ - Stop
- - Play
Up - Pitch Bend Up
Down - Pitch Bend Down
Right - Xfade Right
Left - Xfade Left

Also, the vibration function is set on this for a few things. When the Alt Action button is pressed, the controller will vibrate, letting the Wiij know that it has been pressed. Or when switching decks using 1 and 2. If 1 or 2 is pressed the controller will vibrate letting the Wiij know they have switched deck focus (this helps if the Wiij isn't near the computer screen, they can still get an idea of activating a focus function. The lights on the bottom of the controller also light up to let you know what focus is activated (another away from the computer screen function). 1 light on means Deck A is being focused and 2 lights on means Deck B is being focused.