About DJ WiiJ

DJ WiiJ (also known as Jmmy Jmmy, DJ !, pronounced DJ Shift 1/The Silence Xperiment) comes out of the Central Valley of California and has been DJing since 2000. He progressively began to use all media forms to mix with (CD, Laptop, Vinyl) and naturally became attracted to laptop music, with its versatility, portability, and low overhead it was a hard medium to beat. This lead to experimenting with various external MIDI devices to control software on the laptop.

 By plugging in a MIDI controller to the laptop and running Native Instruments Traktor 3, DJ WiiJ was able to fully control his djing with hardware controlling software. After reading about Wiimote hacking, DJ WiiJ (at the time known as DJ !) decided to try some of it himself. After getting the Wiimote to work as a mouse, he booted up Traktor and began playing around with the Wiimote mixing songs on the program. It was upon realizing that it was indeed possible, as it was fun, he began to investigate more into making the Wiimote a dj tool.

He began to map the buttons on the Wiimote to letters on the keyboard, then mapping those letters to controls in Traktor. The A button would be set press Play, the left/right would be set to bend the pitch, etc etc. He mapped out 2 Wiimotes with different controls and took a step back. Free from wires, free from standing over a laptop or control unit, he was able to mix perfectly with two Wiimotes. This led to being able to move around freely while still retaining full control over the mix. Nudging the beat slightly back in sync while dancing around, adding stutter effects while pretending to shoot a gun, dancing while mixing! Upon realizing the potential the Wiimotes had, he began to practice djing with them and created the website DJ Wiij , a site dedicated to djing with Wiimotes.

Besides creating WiiJing DJ WiiJ has made an award winning mashup album entitled Q-Unit : Greatest Hits in 2005 and has WiiJed all over North America (including Canada). Since developing WiiJing, DJ WiiJ has been featured in the Wall Street Journal , LA Times , MTV, G4's Attack of The Show , CNET LIVE , , Engadget, EGM, Joystiq , WiiFanboy , The Gadget Show (UK), LA City Beat,  , Newsvine , and a whole lot more.

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