How To WiiJ

Before you begin Wiijing there are things you will need in your possesion. The obvious being a Wiimote.  The next obvious is a PC and finally, also obvious, PC DJing software. The not so obvious are a bluetooth dongle (if your computer doesn't have bluetooth built in) and, a FREE program called GlovePie . The program I use, recommend and refer to in this guide is Native Instruments Traktor 3 (Click for FREE demo download) . If you wish to use a program like PCDJ Red then hopefully you are familiar with any keymapping or MIDI mapping  features it has. If it does have them, then you should be able to customize any of these layouts to fit your needs. For the more advanced, MIDI is an option as well and proves to be stable enough to control FX knobs, faders and other MIDI commands. For MIDI us, another software is needed called MIDIYOKE .

You can buy the Wiimotes, Bluetooth Dongle and PC in a store near you. Purchasing just the Wiimotes without a Wii console will still work for what we are doing.  WiiJing does not require the sensor bar because we are not using the IR function of the Wiimote (though you could in theory use it, I dont because it isn't reliable in a live setting on stage or at a show.
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GlovePie can be downloaded for free by clicking . When GlovePie is first opened, it will be an empty frame with controls around it. In this frame is where someone could type code into it to control the Wiimote. There are scripts (code) that you can download around the internet. You will be able to download my "Fundamental Dual Wiimote DJ Setup" script from this site to use for yourself. Its as easy as opening a file and running the program or as customizable as writing your own ideas into it for advanced control schemes. Look in the techniques section for all the setup downloads.

FIRST TIME LOADING: When you have downloaded what you need,
you simply need to get the wiimotes connected via Bluetooth,
load up the appropriate Traktor Hotkey setup,
load the appropriate GlovePie script,
Run the Glovepie Script
Load a song in Traktor and Mix

  Assuming you have all the stuff (Wiimote, PC, Bluetooth, DJ Program For PC, GlovePie), we will get started. You can find alot of help and information on these boards regarding technical issues in such with Wiimote/PC interface. &

If you havn't installed your Bluetooth already, start with that. I can't really help you there in the installation process so Google any problems you may have. Any answers to issues that have come up for us will be posted in the FAQ section of this site, if your problems isn't there, Google it. If all is fine you should have a Bluetooth icon in the bottom right corner of your monitor next to the clock. Not all Bluetooth adaptors work with Wiimotes and not all are configured the same. I personally use Kennsington Bluetooth Adaptors and have had success using them. Any instructions on setting up the wiimotes to bluetooth is based on using Kennsington adaptors. This does not mean you cannot use another brand or connection, it just means if what the instructions are saying isn't looking like how your bluetooth connection is setup, then that may be the real issue. You can find more info on all of this on, which is a site designed to address these types of issues.

    There is also a list on that lists working/non-working wiimote compatible adaptors.

Make sure you have GlovePie downloaded and ready to go, nothing needs to be done with it yet.

 1.) Open My Bluetooth Places.

2.) Select "Bluetooth Setup Wizard"

3.) In the box that comes up, select the 2nd option and then hit Next.

4.) This is where you should press 1 & 2 on your Wiimote. It'll find it in a bit. Once it does, select it and hit next.

5.) The pairing screen comes up. Hit "skip".

6.) Now it will check for services. If your Wiimote is still flashing, good. If not, press 1 & 2 again. Once the Nintendo service is found, select it and hit finish. If you go out of range of your bluetooth you will have to redo steps 7 through 10 in order to reconnect the controllers. Steps 1 through 6 should only have to be done once for each controller.

With the latest version of GlovePie you only need to stop this process at step 6. Once done with stage 6 for each Wiimote start a script in GlovePie to see if you are 100% connected.

In early versions of GlovePie it took more steps to connect the Wiimotes. The steps below in the brackets are the old steps for anyone inquiring.

 7.) Right click on the Bluetooth icon on the bottom right of the screen.

8.) Select "Bluetooth Setup Wizard"

9.) In the box that comes up, now select the 1st option and then hit Next. After Next scroll down to Human Interface Device and selec that, then pres next again.

10.) This is where you should press 1 & 2 on your Wiimote again. Only do one controller at a time, restart the pracess for a second controller. This time the controller will appear on the screen, select it again and hit next. It will ask you to name the controller. If you are using 1 Wiimote, change nothing. If you are using 2 or more Wiimotes, then you must change all the 1's in the default name to 2's for the second controller. This way GlovePie can communicate with each controller seperatly. Once you change it hit next and finish.

To test to see if the Wiimotes are connected using Glovepie correctly, if Glovepie is running open Notepad and press buttons on the Wiimote. If the Glovepie is connected correctly you should see letters type on the screen on notepad (assuming you are using the Fundamental Dual setup).

Now when you go to "search for devices in range" it should show the Nintendo controller there, with two green arrows beneath it pointing at each other. If so, you're good to go. (Some text copied & pasted from forum poster TylerK)

Sometimes the Wiimotes 'connect' but dont connect to Glovepie. If this happens try going to your Bluetooth Places and selecting Devices In Range. You will probably see the wiimote icons (saying they are connected or not connected), either way, right click on the icon and select DISABLE. The icon should vanish. Now try connecting again, it usually will work after you do this. For some reason I find myself having to do this before most reconnections, i'm not sure if its my Bluetooth adaptor or just some kind of cache clearing type thing, but it works. This method is for solving the problem of the computer saying that the wiimotes are connected but you can't seem to get them to do anything (with GlovePie running). All of the scripts you will find on this site also activate lights on the Wiimote when connected (usually corresponding to which Wiimote is which). If you try connecting 2 wiimotes and when you run GlovePie only one of them lights up with 1 light or 2 lights, then the previous solution will fix this issue too.

Hopefully we are still on the right track and all of this is going great. If not, do some internet digging for help, forums are a great place to start! We now need to open up GlovePie. Upon opening it reveals a blank window for text. You can find information about building your own scripts at or just analyze other people scripts and see if you can figure out what is going on. It is actually pretty simple, I myself have not done any programming before using GlovePie and picked it up pretty quickly, you can too!

 Now we are trying to do the Fundamental Dual Wiimote DJ Setup so we only need to load its file and we will be on our way. With GlovePie open, click on FILE and OPEN to reveal an assortment of scripts, you will need to go to where you saved this script FUNDAMENTAL DUAL WIIMOTE DJ SETUP SCRIPT . Once you have found it, open it. A script of text will show up on the screen. Once this occurs click on RUN on the top of the program. When you have clicked on RUN take a look at your Wiimotes. Are the lights on? One wiimote should have 2 lights on and the other should have 1. If they are then you are connected! If they aren't then try this test just to make sure. Open notepad and once open press buttons on the Wiimote. Did letters show up? If so then you the wiimotes are connected but for whatever reason the lights aren't on. If you press buttons (using the Fundamental script) and no letters show up in notepad then review the guide and make sure in your bluetooth settings both Wiimotes show up with green lines under them. You may want to also try the method a few paragraphs up about disabling the wiimotes and reconnecting. Last option might be to re-install the driver for your Bluetooth device.

So great, now the controllers are working and are interfacing with your PC. Now we need to open our DJ program, in this case Traktor 3. Once open, we go into preferences and select Midi/Hotkeys, then select the Hotkey setup menu. You can download my setup (a .tks file) and put it into the right folder in your Traktor 3 folder located in your My Documents folder to avoid having to setup anything just yet.  If you dont want to use my setup file then you will need to choose what controls you want to hotkey and use the Wiimote to map buttons to them. This is a simple process as long as you have everthing else working properly. Depending on how familiar you are with the djing program will also come into play as my setup has personal techniques in it, you may DJ differently and not use alot of the things i use.

 The wiimotes are setup so that you can easily snap loops out of songs for manipulation. The crosspads are given pitch and volume duties, the B triggers are given effects, the A butto ns are given loop tasks, as well as the plus and minus (select, start on prototypes), the 1 and 2 buttons are given misc tasks, the left hand loading new tracks, the right hand syncing and a kill/enable opposite effect..which is good for doing fun bassline jumps. With the press of one button it allows you to kill the bassline of one track and enable the bassline for the opposite track at the same time, that way you eliminate having to press two buttons to pull it off. You must have the bass line killed on one track first in order for it to work other wise it will kill/enable both tracks at once.Stop/Play are reserved for the Home buttons, this way they are easily out of the way and hopefully not accidently pressed. I set Play for A and found i would accidently kill a track since A was such an easy button to press. Which is why i gave it two controls that can accidently be pushed and not have to worry about ruining a whole mix if done so. I've also set the right hand B button to trigger an FX button . I usually set this to the beatmasher thing so i can create a stutter effect on the drum hits, workes effectivly to look like you are shooting a gun while the bullets are the beat. Great dance effect!

The thinking behind the fundamental control scheme is to have the "important" buttons more out of the way, which is why Play and Stop are the home buttons...
At this point you should be ready to DJ, well, as long as you know the actual skills. Using a PC program isn't a easy way out of mixing. While there are some things you can do to make things easier or different regarding beatmatching, there is still the fundamental skill of mixing needed in order to understand what the sound is doing and how to manipulate it. DJing with Wiimotes is alot of fun, but may require you alot of practice. Use the internet as a tool to help you if you struggle with anything regarding mixing or Wiimote to PC applications. If you want to contribute anything to this website feel free to contact us about having your tutorials, help guides, ideas, scripts or anything added to our site. You will be credited for work submitted!

Fundamental Guide To Wiijing and Fundamental Dual Wiimote Dj Setup 1.0 were developed by DJ WiiJ with help from various interenet sources providing information on Wiimote hacking or where otherwise noted.