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Does Being a Mentor Pay?

Mentors are people who provide a one – on – one educational assistance to any student may it be kindergarten, colleges, secondary schools or any adult furthering their knowledge on any course.

Looking forward to operating a mentoring business in today’s world may help you become self – employed and earn extra amount of money which will assist you in paying for your bills.

Receiving mentorship most especially in students can have such a positive impact in their studies and their abilities to tackle difficulties with confidence and boost their grades tremendously, this is because they are able to understand a wide range of subjects’ practically.

Advantages that learners are able to derive from mentors are briefed below.

The lessons are easily customized to suit each student, this is an advantage most especially to students who require further explanation in certain areas to make them understand better, or the student learns at a lower rate compared to the rest of the students in class.

A mentor is able to take conditions and needs of a student into account and is able to greatly benefit the student, this helps them improve on their grades and feel more empowered and at par with other students in class.

Being a parent who care for their children’s education, involving a mentor can help the students attain good grades.

Students are able to respond in a positive manner because the mentor uses a learning style that fits them unlike in school where the students have very little, the parents are not allowed to pick a teacher who they feel comfortable with because the mentors are many and specialized in different areas.

In schools, students find it difficult to express their views especially if the number of students is high therefore, hiring a mentor can help improve their grades because the learners are able to have a one – on – one interaction and are able to air their views with ease.

Mentors help with homework and test practice, they ensure that the students remain focused and interested this ensures that the homework is completed to a higher standard but more importantly, is more effective in terms of what a learner is able to gain from it.

Having a mentor helps an individual manage their time in the right manner because mentors are flexible and follow the schedule given to them by their learners.

Being a parent and be directly involved with your children education is great although this is not always a practical option due to busy schedules, also the advancement in your child’s education may be a disadvantage because you are not able to offer the right solutions always, involving a skilled mentor who is going to offer your child their time helps a lot.
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