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Internet Governance and Its Importance

Reports of controversial U.S. surveillance activities, including the monitoring of world leaders, have reinstated international debate on the issue of Internet governance. Certain countries would like to use the scandal to decrease Washington’s influence over some Internet infrastructure?specifically processes managed by the U.S.-based nonprofit, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which coordinates the unique identifiers that makes Internet connection possible.

But a wider take on Internet governance delves into a range of public policy issues, from freedom of expression to sovereignty and a lot more. As heated public policy issues have surfaced, internet governance as a concept has improved technical resources management to build on its stability as well to maintain a widening discussion of behaviors related to Internet use at what what is referred to as the content layer.

Internet Governance Defined

Internet governance is a term that has evolved with time, and several groups have attempted to come up with working definitions. During the Internet’s first few years in public (mid-1990s), the term referred to a tiny group of policy issues related to global domain name management. But with the Internet becoming a singular medium for information in general, the definition stretched considerably. In 2005, Internet governance referred to a body of rules affecting Internet use for all governments and the private sector to follow. Information policy experts emphasize that “Internet governance” does not come from an institutional hierarchy, but rather, from the coordination of so many users all over the world, most of whom are in the private sector, such as network and service operators, registries and individuals. civil society organizations and governments take part in the creation of technical policies.???

The Role of National Governments

States take charge of Internet-related policies for their own people, such as by instituting laws for the protection of intellectual property or the banning of online gambling. Some authoritarian governments actually censor political and social content with the same strict guidelines used in traditional media. A study conducted by Washington DC researchers shows that more than half of the surveyed countries are dealing with increasingly less Internet freedom, and this includes the United States.

Roughly 50% of Internet users worldwide are found to be experiencing some form of web censorship as well, such as technical blocking of websites and legal take downs. For example, some human rights groups claim that because of China’s detention of certain popular bloggers, a vibe of dread is now discouraging Internet activism. In addition, experts note that the business community plays a part in online censorship in some countries, or else it cannot happen.

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