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Cybersecurity Threats Businesses in the Present Day Environment are Exposed to

By and large, looking at the present day business environment where things have gone online and the cyber world has proved to be an essential for business operations, business executives and global investors have been so concerned about the rising cases of cyberattacks which have generally become so frequent, complex, destructive and costing businesses a great deal. Generally, a survey has recently revealed and established the fact that cyberattacks remain to be one of the things that a number of business executives and investors happen to be so concerned with, this being the greatest threat that businesses in this day and age currently face. The following are some of the biggest of the cyber threats that a modern day business may be so exposed to and must actively ensure that they have protected against.

Phishing is one of the attacks that has been so successfully employed by hackers to compromise a number of systems and is still being actively employed by a number of them all for the reason that it works so well for them. A report on an investigation by a leading data breach and systems security company in the last year actually revealed the fact that a number of the issues of data breaches and cyberattacks actually started from a phishing scheme of some sort. Business email compromise is one of the most forms of phishing that has been in use by a number of hackers and this is where the hacking community convinces the unwitting employees to send them sensitive data and information or wire them sums of money and this has really costed businesses around the world huge sums of money in losses.

Another common hacking plot that has been used by a number of the cybercriminals to compromise business systems is that known as shadow IT. Shadow IT can be generally described as the case where some device, software or service could be used within an enterprise network without the IT department concerned knowing of the same. With the coming in of cloud computing, we have seen the ushering in of a whole new form of shadow IT. By and large we have seen a rise in the use of the SaaS apps which have become so popular all as a result of the fact that they are cheap, most being either free or low cost, easy to access and use not to mention the fact that they are quite a number out there. In a number of organizations, employees have admitted to the fact that they have used unauthorized SaaS applications while at work, using the business systems to access and use these apps. These are some of the acts that can really leave your systems as a business rather exposed to be tricks of the hackers preying on your business data and such classified information.

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Updated: November 10, 2019 — 11:35 am
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