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Healthy Ways to Satisfy Any Kind of Craving

Everyone struggles with some kind of craving occasionally. Unfortunately, most of the time, one will crave for unhealthy things. You can decide to return to healthy options that can help you overcome cravings. Learn about some of the snacks you can use to satisfy cravings below.

Among the things to remember is that salty carbs are not a healthy alternative to go to when you have cravings. Salty carbs are high in calories and fat, and it is easy to binge-eat on them. Lightly salted popcorn can be excellent to help you avoid chips. It is crunchy, low in fat and calories, and also has a lot of fiber.

You can fight your cravings using mixed nuts. Mixed nuts contain protein, healthy fat, fiber, and are very filling. Nuts have also been found to help reduce the occurrence of heart disease.

Dried seaweed snacks can help you overcome your cravings. You can count on them for tastes and crunchiness, and they are low in calories at the same time.

Edamame is another snack that you can consider eating. This boiled bean is both tasty and nutrient packed. This one is high in fiber and protein, and you can make it easily.

You can also consider making potato chips at home. Making your own potato chips enables you to avoid additives, which make the snack a healthier choice.

You need to consider eating corn chips and salsa as a healthy snack. You can find corn chips that are low in additives. You can combine this with salsa, which doesn’t have added sugar, and you will feel full for a long time.

You should consider switching to dark chocolate when you’re consuming this. Not only is dark chocolate lower in fat and calories, but it also has healthy antioxidants.

Dried fruit can be excellent as healthy snacks. When you take dried fruit, it will be healthy and fun at the same time since it will feel like childhood gummies. However, take caution that you do not buy dried fruit with added sugars.

You can consider consuming a protein bar whenever you are craving a candy bar. The protein bar will satisfy your craving while also satisfying your appetite and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

You can consider using frozen yogurt when you are craving ice cream. You will still feel the cold and the creamy texture that you need, yet with lower calorie and fat content. However, ensure that you don’t overindulge since some frozen yogurt options are relatively high in sugar.

Updated: November 10, 2019 — 1:12 pm
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